A Union of Taste, Spanish-Minang ala Marco

A Union of Taste, Spanish-Minang ala Marco

“Acculturation Journey on Marco's Padang Peranakan Culinary ”

Jakarta, May 11th, 2016 – Chef Marco Lim's trip to Madrid, Spain, last year for a state banquet at the Embassy of Indonesia in Madrid sparked new innovation and acculturation in the form of the Spanish traditional delicacy with a twist of Minang taste: the Tapas ala Padang. This new treat has just been launched today at the Marco Pacific Place outlet, Jakarta.

Chef Marco Lim, stated, “I saw a great deal of similarities in the spices and main ingredients of Spanish and Minang cooking, which I think would be a perfect match. This inspired me to try combining them into a new dish for Marco Padang Peranakan's menu dubbed the Tapas ala Padang." Originally, Tapas are a very popular Spanish appetizer and snack.

The launch of Tapas ala Padang proves once again Marco's continuous innovations in developing new ideas and dishes that are distinct to the Padang Peranakan taste, but also able to incorporate elements from various other regions or countries, in this case, Spain.

The chef added, "This is very unique because it turns out that if the fillings of Quesadillas and Canapes are modified with Marco Padang Peranakan's distinct recipes, the result will give an extraordinary taste; a intriguing culinary experience." 

The varieties of Tapas served at Marco Padang Peranakan are: Randang Quesadillas, Udang Bagulung, Ayam Bagulung, Canape Randang, Canape Barramundi Pacak, Sayok Ayam Goreng, and Calamari; all of which would be perfect as coffee time snacks or as appetizers before a main course.

Wanda Mahardi, Senior F&B Manager of Marco Padang Peranakan affirmed that Chef Marco's gift for innovating and combining traditional ingredients with recipes from all around the world into spectacular dishes is remarkable indeed.

Tapas ala Padang is now available at Marco Padang Peranakan Pacific Place, Jakarta, and will soon reach other Marco Padang Peranakan outlets. Your afternoon leisure at Marco Padang Peranakan will be so much more exotic with the Tapas ala Padang on the side of our legendary Padang Iced Coffee.

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