A Unique Taste of Padang Food for Urban Jakarta Citizens

19 October 2015
A Unique Taste of Padang Food for Urban Jakarta Citizens

Jakarta, October 19th, 2015 - Today (19/10) Marco Padang Peranakan, as the pioneer restaurant that elevates Padang food to a higher degree, opens a new outlet at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta with an All Day Dining concept. Bringing the legacy of authentic Padang Peranakan recipes, in recent years Marco has been consistently creating a different culinary and life style experience for urban Indonesians to enjoy Padang food.

Managing Director of PT. Marco Culinary Concepts and also CEO of PT. Arya Noble - the parent company of Marco Padang Peranakan - Ricardo Handoko stated, "We hope that Marco's fourth outlet at Pacific Place Mall can strengthen Marco's position in the Indonesian culinary world. As a realization of our commitment in elevating Padang Food to a higher degree, we started by opening our outlet mid this year in Plaza Indonesia, then we launched a variety of new main course and dessert menu in Marco Padang Peranakan's repertoire."

So far, people have accepted and delighted in the unique taste of Marco Padang Peranakan. "We want to maintain the authenticity of our Padang Peranakan Recipes by ensuring that our dishes are made from ingredients directly shipped from Padang city, West Sumatera," stated Marco Lim, Executive Chef of Marco Padang Peranakan. "Starting mid this year we have also launched new menus, such as the Padang Sauce Crab, Udang Kipas (Slipper Lobster), Lontong Sayur Padang (rice cake in coconut milk soup), and many others. To accompany tea or coffee, we also serve traditional snacks we made ourselves or directly brought from Padang," added Chef Marco.

To mention a few of the other authentic Padang Peranakan dishes served at Marco Padang Peranakan are: Pacak Grilled Barramundi Fish, Randang Itam (beef shank stewed in coconut milk and condensed burnt coconut oil), Fried Chicken, Padang Ice Coffee, Sumatera Durian Ice, and Martabak Kelapa (coconut stuffed pan-fried bread).


"The All Day Dining concept is a new breakthrough from Marco Padang Peranakan this year, wherein we focus to create new dishes for breakfast and supper that we trust will be welcomed by culinary enthusiasts all over the country," added Ricardo Handoko. "For us, the delight of Padang Peranakan dishes isn't just from the authentic recipes, but also from the whole restaurant's ambience. In Pacific Place we present a "Casual Colonial Padang Peranakan" interior design, therefore the entire interior and friendly service will create an unforgettable culinary experience at Marco."

Marco Padang Peranakan is already present in several malls in the capital, such as in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place, Street Gallery of Pondok Indah Mall, and Grand Indonesia. Marco Padang Peranakan at Pacific Place Mall is open every day (Monday-Sunday), 10AM-10PM. For reservations please call (021) 5140 0445.



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