marco grand indonesia : new urban jakarta's dining destination

21 December 2015
marco grand indonesia : new urban jakarta's dining destination

Jakarta, December 21th, 2015 – Marco Padang Peranakan brings a new restaurant concept breakthrough, presenting the unique and authentic Padang Peranakan taste with the All Day Dining concept. The customers' palate will be indulged with various dishes prepared on the spot behind the restaurant's open kitchen.

Marco Padang Peranakan is committed to delight customers with local cuisines, firm in their authenticity, blended with an interior ambience which is casual fun but also stylish. Thus Marco Padang Peranakan is a great destination for hanging out and dining for the urban people and families in Jakarta.

Managing Director of PT. Marco Culinary Concepts and CEO of PT. Arya Noble - the parent company of Marco Padang Peranakan - Ricardo Handoko, during an interview at the grand opening of Marco Padang Peranakan at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Central Jakarta (21/12), stated, "We would like to change the people's paradigm that Padang food restaurants always serve food en masse with only little care for hygiene and the restaurant itself is just "a place to eat". At Marco Padang Peranakan, customers choose what they want to order; the dish is freshly prepared in the open kitchen - where customers can see the making - and then meticulously served. Moreover, we would also like to create a new life style trend and make Marco Padang Peranakan as the new hang out destination for the urban people and families around Jakarta to enjoy Padang Peranakan cuisines."

The Marco Padang Peranakan restaurant at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is the fifth outlet right after the one in Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) Jakarta. This proves that Marco Padang Peranakan is serious in its endeavor to reach out to all culinary enthusiasts in Indonesia with its authentic Marco Padang menu, including the introduction of Padang Coffee, which is a classic among all Padang people throughout their daily activities.

"The presence of Marco Padang Peranakan at Grand Indonesia (GI) is to fulfill the urban demand for Marco's authentic menu in various strategic locations in Jakarta. Besides, our main reason to open this outlet is simply a response to the culinary society's great and positive enthusiasm for Marco," added Ricardo Handoko.

Marco Lim, Executive Chef of Marco Padang Peranakan added, "With the authentic Padang Peranakan recipes handed down to me and those that I've accumulated over the years, I'd like to bring in uniqueness and sensation at Marco Padang Peranakan, including the classic Padang Coffee from West Sumatra, which is enjoyed by the people there throughout the day and is peculiar to them. For that we especially ship coffee beans directly from Padang, which we serve with a modern technique."

As a restaurant with a new concept, Marco Padang Peranakan is getting ready for the possibility to expand its chain beyond Jakarta. "We would like all of Indonesia to be able to enjoy our Padang Peranakan menu, which is authentic but served in the urban style concept of the interior design, thus making the Padang Peranakan cuisine an unforgettable experience," concluded Ricardo Handoko.

Marco Padang Peranakan at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is open daily (Monday-Sunday), 10AM-10PM. For reservation please call 021-2358 0091

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