Marco Padang Peranakan Goes to Madrid

05 February 2015
Marco Padang Peranakan Goes to Madrid

Jakarta, Februari 5th, 2015 – Indonesia's Padang food, especially Rendang, has been recognized as one of the world's most delicious food. In order to promote Indonesian traditional cuisines - Padang food in particular - among Europeans, Chef Marco Lim, Executive Chef of Marco Padang Peranakan, has been invited by the Embassy of Indonesia in Madrid, Spain, in the event: "Indonesian Culinary Culture Legacy Promotion " (Promosi Warisan Budaya Kuliner Indonesia KBRI Spanyol) at the InterContinental Madrid Hotel, Spain.

Marco Lim, Executive Chef of Marco Padang Peranakan stated, "It's an honor to be invited by the Embassy of Indonesia in Madrid, Spain, to promote Indonesian food and be the only Indonesian representative at the event. This proves that Padang Peranakan cuisines are unique and can be enjoyed by all, whether locally or internationally."

The annual event was one of the bilateral relationship tools between the two countries and it was initiated by the Embassy of Indonesia in
Spain by using gastronomy as the motor for good relationship and cultural exchange, especially in terms of cultural culinary legacies.

"We are applying the UN's guidance to employ gastronomy as a diplomacy tool with this event by bringing in and introducing Indonesian traditional cuisines. And surprisingly, Chef Marco and his team has managed to serve Padang food in a very distinct style compared to the regular Padang food, and therefore I think this can be acceptable globally," stated Yuli Mumpuni Widarso, Ambassadress of the Republic of Indonesia  for Spain.

Marco Padang Peranakan's visit in Madrid promoted Padang food during a Diplomacy Dinner at the InterContinental Madrid Hotel, on January 19th, 2016, which was exclusive for diplomatic guests invited by the Embassy of Indonesia in Spain. The Padang cuisines were also presented in buffet packages at the same hotel for lunch, which was open for public on January 24th, 2016.

During the Diplomacy Dinner, Chef Marco Lim served a number of Marco Padang Peranakan's best dishes, among which: Soto Padang (Padang style herbal broth soup), Lado Ijo Grilled Chicken (green chili sauce grilled chicken), Randang Itam Kayu Bakar (beef shank stewed in coconut milk and condensed burnt coconut oil), Pacak Grilled Shrimps (shrimps grilled with pacak technique), Gulai Lamb (lamb in curry sauce), and also the Glutinous Rice Pudding, which received special appreciation from the attendants.

On a separate occasion, Chef Marco Lim also had the honor to teach various Padang recipes at the Gredos San Diego Buitrago culinary school, Spain.

The F&B Manager of PT. Marco Culinary Concepts, Wanda Mahardi, who was also present at the event, stated, "This is a big step for Marco Padang Peranakan and also a realization of #PrideOfIndonesia through the culinary art, which shows the unique traditional cooking style of the Padang Peranakan and also expands the scope of Padang Peranakan food lovers internationally through the power of authentic inherited recipes."

Marco Padang Peranakan has been chosen to represent Indonesia in the event because it handles and processes Padang food in a modern and hygienic manner. Moreover, the Padang Peranakan taste is a great charm from Marco Padang Peranakan, which has managed to expand the market for Padang Peranakan food.

"We hope that Marco Padang can expand regionally in the future and become a global brand on Indonesian cuisines, particularly on Padang Peranakan food," concluded Wanda Mahardi.

Marco Padang Peranakan is a casual dining restaurant that presents unique Padang Peranakan food in a fresh and authentic way, directly prepared in the open kitchen as per order. Through its warm and homey lifestyle concept, Marco Padang Peranakan has become the perfect place to dine and hangout with family and colleagues.

The fifth outlet of Marco Padang Peranakan in Grand Indonesia Mall exudes warmth and comfort; it was opened on December 21st, 2015. The venue has 223 sqm of space, with a capacity of 106 people, and has a China town theme from Padang city; it also provides a private room, which is most convenient for meetings, gatherings, or just to indulge the palate with authentic inherited Padang Peranakan recipes.

Currently, Marco Padang Peranakan has 5 outlets in a number of malls in the capital, which are: Lotte Shopping Avenue, Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place, Street Gallery of Pondok Indah Mall, and Grand Indonesia; soon the chain will arrive at other locations to reach out toward more Padang food lovers.


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