Keys to Innovate

Keys to Innovate

A day after the launching of Arya Noble's logo, I received an email blast from Corporate Communication to set the "I Dare to Imagine" image as my laptop wallpaper. So I did as requested. The idea was to set our imagination to innovate. A few days ago when my laptop froze, I saw that wallpaper again and realized it's been seven months since I first set it on, but the result has been nothing. No innovation. From that moment I wondered why in seven months I haven't been imagining toward innovation.

I tried doing some research on innovation in my team, to ask them what innovation is. Their answers were around inventions like phones, computers, cameras, and other things, and as for people who represent innovation they came up with the likes of Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and James Watt. Therefore I saw that their understanding of innovation was similar to my own.

Then I saw the problem that there has been a misunderstanding on innovation. When we talk about innovation, we always think of Steve Jobs or Einstein, or we are reminded of sophisticated and high-tech products. We often think that whatever we do right now doesn't require innovation. In general people think that jobs like marketing, IT, and business development are the ones that represent or need innovation.

Sometimes we mistaken "invention" with "innovation". An invention is something new, or the result of experiments, while innovation is essentially "improvement" on something already existing. To innovate one need not be a genius or be super smart. Everything we do daily can be done better and faster, and therefore be innovated.


"Three keys to innovate are: better, quicker, and more efficient; and last but not least,
remember: don't wish or wait for it, do it now."


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