Simple Tips to Live More Productively & Stress Free

Simple Tips to Live More Productively & Stress Free

There are times when we are overwhelmed in our daily life or swamped down because we can't achieve our intended targets. For instance, when we promise to exercise every week, to accompany our children to see a movie, or even when we fail to meet a deadline to submit something to our superior. According to the Harvard Business Review, approximately 25-50% of employees feel overwhelmed and stressed at work. The figure is only for the working environment, without accounting for all other aspects of life, which I'm sure would add up to the stress level. The root problem here is simple: as humans we always want many things, - and there's nothing wrong with that - but the trouble is, we always want to get all of them at the same time. Below are some solutions for that kind of thinking.


Considering the situation above, I will try to give two simple tips, so all Aryaners can be more productive and free of stress in life.


• Understand that money, time, and energy are limited resources. Don't waste any of them on things that don't matter.
• Understand and take action against things that typically bother you when you try to focus. Example: when you are trying to focus on family you are distracted by your smartphone (along with twitter, facebook, etc.), thus the solution is simple, just "silent" your phone so you can concentrate when you are with family.
• Divide your life into three main priorities:

1. Relationship (with God and family)
2. Self development
3. Occupation. Set definable targets for each year, month, or even day. Remember that one priority should have just one target for a certain period of time.


• Understand that it takes consistent effort to achieve a valuable goal, so don't ever give up!
• Understand that the Goal/Purpose is a strong foundation to live a consistent life. So please make sure you have a clear goal in all your roles (example: have a clear gol whether as the head of a family or as a superior at work).
• Understand that the target in each of the three main priorities is like a compass for you to live consistently. So set a clear target for each priority.
• Understand that discipline is your motor in living consistently. Don't forget to allocate time to rest too.
• Understand that to be positive and adaptive in dealing with changes are important in living a consistent life. Don't forget to ensure that all changes you make are in line with your Goal/Purpose so you can do good change management.


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