The Essence of Entrepreneurship

The Essence of Entrepreneurship

Each of us must have different definition on an "entrepreneurship", but mine is the ability to "Unleash the Potential" and "Unleash the True Value". Meaning that, it is about how to unleash the potential of a person or a job one does to reveal the True Value as the end product. The real job of an entrepreneur is like a world class sculptor, like Michael Angelo. How he can see the potential in a piece of rock and imagine how it would be like in the end after his touch, even before he started working.

The same goes for the business units in Arya Noble. We see the business potential of what we're building so that it can be developed. From the potential we see, we can come up with new ideas and products. Even the concepts we have now are actually potentials that we can develop into services that we can sell. This applies not only on the corporate level, but also on each individual as a leader who can see the potential of our team members. Each of us has a "True Value" and it's the duty of a Leader as an Entrepreneur to unleash that. So how do we reveal and unleash the best values in each of ourselves?



1. Can we "see through" the unique potential?
Do we have the ability to through someone to find a unique potential? It's like finding oil under the sea while it cannot be seen from the surface. If we do not have the ability to see the potential then we may never become good entrepreneurs. So we must hone this ability through knowledge, insight, experience, and vision so that we can see through from all sides.

2. Can we "assess and envision the scale" of the potential?
We must be able to see how great the potential is. Can we measure our own potential at least?

3. Do we have the ability to "draw it out"?
Can we extract the potential so that whatever we have can be seen and defined clearly? How to convince people of this potential is also important and is an essential first step. Next, we must know the technique to develop and draw out our ideas by developing the potential and by continuous training.

4. Do we have the ability to "turn it into value"?
Can we turn or process the potential into something valuable? How can we process a raw material into a finished product? Refining is a process that can help us turn potential into value, from raw material into added value.

5. Do we have the ability to "sell it"?
Last, but most importantly, is our ability to present ourselves or our business. Someone with potential or value but unable to sell it will have no impact on the development of the endeavor.  


"It's important for an entrepreneur to perform all five processes above to obtain the best values, ideas, or products, - which can be used by and be of benefit to many people."



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