Career Development Program

Aryaners’ Development Program

Career Development Program

“Arya Noble group believes that employees are the main and foremost asset for success. Therefore, Arya College is there to ensure the improvement of the competence and character of all Aryaners.”

In Arya Noble, we believe that an efficient and productive workplace is one where the employees’ talents, passions, and careers are well matched. As we apply the Noble imagination mindset through our daily lives, we believe that the people aspect is the most important in our business. Thus to reach our goals and purposes, we created an integrated program to assist each person to develop themselves to become high-qualified people.

Our Career Development Program is an advanced development program designed to develop each person’s potentials in their careers, life goals, as well as competencies. Through this program, Aryaners are developed to understand their own personality and talents and to find the best working techniques in order to excel at their job. Henceforth, they are expected to demonstrate maximum performance in their respected fields according to their unique self.

Diamond Model

The Diamond Model is Arya Noble's tool and guide so that each Aryaner can:

1. Recognize and work according to his/her talent
2. Aspire for the best career possible and come up with professional masterpieces
3. Achieve personal happiness while contributing to the society



Dian E Kartikowati (Divison Head of Erha Centre)

The IDP is actually a process to conquer yourself, wherein we must strive ourselves to learn things beyond our habits, to enjoy the process of learning so we can gain experience and insight.

I think the IDP materials have given me interesting and valuable experiences, because it made a new team where I have to develop 7 managers into department heads. To see my team grow and develop is just priceless.


Jerry Suryawijaya (Supervisor IT)

My name is Jerry, I'm an IT officer at Arya Noble before I had the CDP, and after 5 years of working in Arya Noble I've been promoted to be an IT Supervisor. I think the CDP is a good program because it develops the employee, not only career-wise and financially, but also in personal self-improvement.  After experiencing the CDP, I've learned valuable experiences, wherein I learned good presentations methods, - to have courage to step forward and speak in public. My way of thinking as an employee began to change, as now I start to think about the team and on the company's strategy.